Richard & Demi Weitz

Richard & Demi Weitz

Over the past several weeks, Richard Weitz (partner at WME) has been putting together virtual parties on Zoom for clients, friends, family and colleagues in the entertainment business. Each of these “pandemic parties” has featured several high-profile musical guests such as HOZIER, JOHN MAYER, JOSH GROBAN, LIAM PAYNE, RICK ASTLEY, LL COOL J and BILLY RAY CYRUS, to name a few.

His last Zoom party raised over $225,000, spearheaded by his 17-year-old daughter Demi, and now they are turning their support to United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

United Way of Greater LA Mission Statement


Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors and communities in L.A. County.

Currently, thousands of people who are living on the streets are older or have underlying health conditions, making them even more susceptible to COVID-19. We are working on “Project Roomkey” which is helping to move them into hotel and motel rooms, however as they move in they don’t have much, if anything at all. We desperately need “welcome kits” for each of the people moving in, including food, reading materials, and other basic necessities. Each kit costs about $15.

We also need critical supplies for those unable to move inside, such as masks, hand sanitizers and other basic needs such as food. Help us raise $100,000 so we can make a difference to approximately 7,000 of our homeless neighbors. Donate Now.

United Way of Greater LA